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MUGLER was established by the creative visionary Manfred Thierry Mugler.
He launched his first Ready-to-Wear Fashion collection in 1974 followed by his first Fragrance, the Ambery Gourmand Angel perfume, in 1992.

Achieving the impossible.

MUGLER has established a unique culture of craftsmanship.
Each piece, whether it be in Fashion or Fragrances, is marked by a universal creative force. MUGLER's our craft is masterful and multidisciplinary. Our creative process tells a unique story, a narrative nourished by the need to be extraordinary.

Free from the limitations of reality.

We express in excess, venturing into an unexplored universe. Because the real world just isn't enough, MUGLER invites you to a universe of infinite possibilities, transporting you from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our Fashion and Fragrance creations invite the wearer to transform, to express their own identity.

MUGLER is working towards a new vision of luxury that's both bold and sustainable. MUGLER is at the forefront of innovation; masterfully merging artisanal craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to develop techniques that respect Mother Nature and Mankind. Our balance is based around boldness, creation and community. Our creations have meaning. MUGLER luxury is harmony in extremes, it's the pleasure of allowing everyone to express the extraordinary in excess.

Singer RosalĂ­a on stage in Mugler


Heritage takes centre-stage.

We dare to take a revolutionary and avant-garde approach to explore a diverse, constantly evolving vision of femininity. Our creations are transformative, emotive and above all, modern. The MUGLER Fashion of tomorrow is all about innovation.

Fashion is a performance, performance is fashion. MUGLER Fashion is simply spectacular.

We deliver visual impact with our polarizing pieces. Because all the world's a stage, MUGLER creations are hyper-fitted so you can put on the ultimate ultra-show of self-expression. We subvert codes so that our pieces render each individual unique, using the body as our raw material for our designs.

Uncomplicated creations. Accomplished creations. Irresistible force.

We create universal and uncomplicated designs for women, who dress for themselves to harness their inner strength. Our creations are works of art, bestowing beauty and confidence to those who wear them.

I want to dress the people who inspire me, and for them to be equally inspired by the brand.



An olfactory manifesto.

Our fragrances are avant-garde and sensual, with highly addictive powers. We defy the laws of space and time to create the extraordinary by blending alchemy, harmony and overdose. MUGLER fragrances are pure yet excessive, with ANGEL, ALIEN, AURA MUGLER, the MUGLER COLOGNE collection and Les Exceptions inviting the wearer to transform themselves.

Haute parfumerie

Nothing is left to chance. Found somewhere between fantasy and reality, each individual element of a MUGLER perfume comes together to tell a special story: its name, fragrance, color and bottle shake up our imagination.

MUGLER Perfumery sends out olfactory shockwaves with its extraordinary concentrations, undulating throughout our fragrances for Him and for Her. A harmony born from contrasts.

Expressive perfumery.

Liberating, Timeless, Inventive, Hypersexual, Addictive and Polarising Signatures.
MUGLER perfumes are bold, creative and full of imagination, they invite the wearer to transcend into their own unique universe. Expressive perfumery that encourages each and everyone to live up to their dreams.

Perfumery excellence.

MUGLER Fragrances are recognized by the best for their excess and expertise. Surrounded by industry experts, we produce with precision, preserving our unparalleled magic. Co-creation isn't simply a step, it's part of our process, a community designing disruption and surprise. MUGLER is limitless and liberated in its expression, we take our time to compose our unique creations.

mugler perfumes

Mugler perfume

MUGLER's olfactory DNA is characterized by finding the almost impossible balance in its use of overdosed raw ingredients and unexpected combinations. The selection of our ingredients integrates technological innovation with respect for the planet and Mankind. MUGLER has achieved responsible luxury through the co-creation of perfumery excellence.


Venturing into unexplored olfactory territories in its Women's, Men's and Unisex fragrances, MUGLER has established itself as a designer of extraordinary objects. We're pushing boundaries with innovation, defying gravity with our ground-breaking glasswork. The first Angel Eau de Parfum bottle was a feat of revolutionary glass technology, which required inventing a new rotating mold for its construction.

Angel Super Star Eau de Parfum by Thierry Mugler in Brosse bottle
perfume bottle

We dream up objects of desire, we design bottles that are far from ordinary. We produce our own bold and dreamlike glassware. Achieving the impossible with our designs, our bottles are works of art.

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