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amber perfume

with its ambery fragrances, mugler expresses enveloping, self-proclaimed sensuality and passion. a daring element with rich vanilla tones and delicate amber notes. in alien eau de parfum, mysteriousness takes the shape of a comforting, enveloping white amber trail giving the perfume a lasting woody natural warmth. ambery scent is pure power, an enigmatic aura of excitement.


understanding amber perfume

Amber describes a class of perfumes with a unique aroma that is a blend of warm, earthy, faintly sweet notes such as vanilla, patchouli, and benzoin.

Amber's origins trace back thousands of years to the Neolithic era when a rich golden-hued resin was discovered within the bark of trees. In modern times, most amber fragrances are formulated with synthetic fragrances that mimic the natural aroma. More than just a seductive aroma, the ancient scent is known to have relaxing aromatherapy benefits.

The beauty of amber scents is that they lend themselves well to both masculine and feminine scents. Amber base notes pair well with notes often found in light and seductive perfumes such as florals, fruits, and greenery. Amber notes are also often found in colognes with decidedly virile aromas, such as wood, tobacco, and leather.

While fragrance labels like 'masculine' and 'feminine' can guide your scent journey, we believe in the power of personal preference. We encourage you to wear the scent that resonates with you, as perfumes and colognes are a canvas for self-expression, meant to be mixed, matched, and indulged in.

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