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gourmand perfume

with angel, the ultimate gourmand fragrance, the history of gourmand scents is forever linked to the one of mugler perfume. floral, fruity and sweet scent, with notes of praline, raspberry, vanilla or patchouli, angel eau de parfum has revolutionized the gourmand fragrances and lending them infinite variations and nuances over the years.

What is a gourmand fragrance?

A gourmand fragrance is a perfume that primarily contains synthetic fragrances inspired by edible notes such as chocolate, fruit, and coffee. In 1992 Thierry Mugler created and premiered the first modern gourmand scent, the iconic Angel perfume featuring notes of praline, red fruits, dark chocolate, and vanilla. Ever the pioneer, Angel continues to serve as the prototype for gourmand fragrances nearly three decades after its debut.

How does gourmand smell?

Each gourmand perfume has its own unique scent, but the gourmand scent family consists of food-inspired aromas. When you experience your favorite gourmand fragrance, expect to smell delectable notes such as chocolate, honey, vanilla, fruit, and coffee. While gourmand scents tend to lean very sweet, they can have incredible depth and pair well with spicier scents such as musk and patchouli.

Why do men like gourmand scents?

Gourmand perfumes and colognes smell deliciously edible, it’s no wonder they’re seductively intoxicating scents. If you find that on the days you wear gourmand scent, others find you particularly irresistible—it’s not all in your head. In an interview with the medical journal Alternative and Complementary Therapies, Neurological Director of the Smell & Taste Research Dr. Alan R. Hirsch discussed studying the effects between certain scents and arousal. Through his work, he discovered that gourmand scents like baked cinnamon buns, black licorice, and pumpkin had a more significant effect on arousal than any other scent. In other words, gourmand fragrances blending with your natural pheromones might be too much to resist.


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