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Silhoutte of a patchouli plant

The Essence of Patchouli

A beautiful, amber-colored essential oil that leaves behind a powerful, enveloping and radiant fragrance trail...
08 Nov 2023

A legendary ingredient with a unique history, patchouli has left an indelible mark on the fragrance world. Patchouli is a leaf with the aroma of wood, which grows on a bush from Southeast Asia. Its branches are cut three times per year and are dried and then distilled; the result is a beautiful, amber-colored essential oil that leaves behind a powerful, enveloping, and radiant fragrance trail. It awakens the senses, sparks curiosity, and has helped create a legend in perfumery.

What does patchouli smell like?

The patchouli flower is a member of the mint family, but its aroma is anything but minty. Patchouli has an earthy, woody, musky scent known for its intoxicatingly rich bouquet. It is unique, yet its sensual, woody, ambery, and distinct character allows for multiple accords.

What scent family is patchouli?

Despite its flowery appearance, the distinct woodland aroma places patchouli firmly in the woody fragrance category. However, patchouli is a bouquet that plays very well with other scents, both strong and subtle, so you will often find the musky aroma in floral and fresh perfumes and colognes.

What is patchouli good for?

Patchouli is known for its intoxicating scent, but the essential oil that is the foundation of our iconic fragrance also said to boasts several health and wellness benefits. The patchouli scent is a staple in aromatherapy and is often used to help create a relaxing environment.

Is patchouli a feminine scent?

The multitude of notes that can be found in patchouli colognes and perfumes lends itself to fragrances that are feminine, masculine, and unisex. The combination of woody and floral aromas is popular with both men and women.

Monsieur Mugler instinctively emphasized this noble, mysterious ingredient as the signature note of the brand's star perfume, Angel Eau De Parfum. The iconic fragrance is overdosed in patchouli, then married with vanilla for perfect harmony. Mugler reimagined patchouli with the debut of A*Men Ultimate Eau De Toilette, a seductively masculine scent that blends woody patchouli with bourbon vanilla and coffee beans.

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