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Explaining what Benzoin is

01 May 2024

By Jelani Addams

What is benzoin used for?

Benzoin is a resin harvested from the bark of trees belonging to the Styrax family. Benzoin sap has a distinctive sweet and warm aroma, often used in rich and comforting fragrances. The soothing benzoin scent is also sometimes used in aromatherapy to reduce feelings of anxiety.

What does benzoin smell like?

Benzoin has a woody and sweet vanilla scent, making it a staple in many sought-after fragrances, such as our Angel Nova Eau De Parfum. Benzoin perfumes pair well with floral and gourmand notes, creating a full-bodied fragrance you won’t soon forget.

Is benzoin the same as frankincense

While they are similar in aroma and aromatic benefits, benzoin is not the same as frankincense. While frankincense is harvested from tree bark, similar to benzoin, it comes from different trees and has different scents. While benzoin has a warm and sweet aroma, frankincense has an earthier aroma reminiscent of pine needles.

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