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Heritage Chapter 1

Mugler World






Monsieur Mugler’s imagination teems with ideas.

The stars – those he admires in the night sky of Alsace, or those farther away in Hollywood that he discovers on the big screen; comic books and their futuristic universes; and the Gothic architecture of the Strasbourg cathedral are just some of his rich and fascinating sources of inspiration.

Later on, when it is time to choose his fate, Monsieur Mugler turns toward dance. Rigor, discipline, working the body, carrying the head... this is when his ideas of fashion begin to take shape. At the same time, he follows an interior architecture course at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Strasbourg. From childhood dreams, these images and memories become the obsession of young designer Thierry Mugler.

"My only measure is excess,"


To a visionary creator...

Fashion, fashion, fashion

Paris. Thierry Mugler embarks on a mission to conquer the capital with panache and talent. He orchestrates each of his public appearances in such original outfits that it is impossible not to notice him.

At this point he designs his very first silhouettes. First of all, for others, and then for him: in 1974, he releases Café de Paris, his first collection. With it, he catches the era off guard: despite hippie style being in fashion, Monsieur Mugler designs sharp suits with cinched waists and maxi-shoulders for a strong female silhouette inspired by the Hollywood muses he adores so much. The success is immediate.

"I imagine my characters and I stage them. For me, clothing is a language",


Fragrance, beyond fashion

Monsieur Mugler wants to go further and add variety to his boundless universe. He dreams of a unique, never-before-seen, never-before-smelled fragrance.

Its color? His favorite: blue, the color of the sky and the infinite. Angel is the very first oriental gourmand fragrance in this history of perfumery: a revolutionary, powerful patchouli-vanilla accord with a polarizing trail. Like its creator, it never fails to make an impression.

MUGLER fragrances are born. In their trails, addictive scents combine the extraordinary, futuristic universe of the brand with powerful overdoses: Mugler Cologne, Womanity, Alien and Aura Mugler.

"A perfume is capable of dressing you emotionally."


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