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The iconic star-shaped design,
the original Mugler fragrance.


A fragrance with extraordinary power
to reflect your sensuality and femininity.


A mystical scent to illuminates the senses
and step into the extraordinary.

Discover now


A dazzling and super-feminine pink touch
to reveal your inner radiance.


The iconic first male fragrance by Mugler,
confident and charismatic.


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Presenting the Magnificent Mugler Luxury Fragrance Collection

Fragrance instills within us a variety of emotions. It stirs up feelings of desire, rekindles precious memories, and entrances our senses. The scent you choose should reflect your innate style and inspire you to walk through the world with confidence. Mugler is proud to present an enticing collection of luxury perfume for women and fascinating Eau de Toilette for men.

Mugler’s new perfumes and classic scents are evocative, seductive, and compelling. Each scent provides a unique journey for lovers of luxury perfume and Eau de Toilette. Mugler’s stunning collection features exquisite fragrances for women such as the mysterious Alien Eau de Parfum and our alluring Angel perfume. Mugler’s selection of perfume for men is showcased by the sophistication of Alien Man Eau de Toilette and the extraordinary A*Men Eau de Toilette.

Experience sustainable luxury with Mugler. Our men’s and women’s fragrances are available in unique, refillable bottles. All our Eaux de Parfum collection can be easily replenished at home with convenient refills. Mugler fragrances are ideal as gifts or simply as a treat for yourself. Indulge your senses and explore the amazing world of Mugler fragrance.

Mugler Luxury Perfume for Women

Distillations of elegance, power, and mystery, Mugler’s selection of women’s luxury fragrances are captivating tributes to the majesty of the feminine. The Mugler range of perfume for women is embodied best by our signature scents Alien Eau de Parfum and Angel perfume.

One of the most popular perfumes of the Gourmand genre, Angel Eau de Parfum asserts a daring sensuality. The combination of bergamot, praline, and patchouli comes in an asymmetrical five-pointed star finely crafted from quality glass.

The magical essence of Alien Eau de Parfum evokes a Solar Goddess with an intoxicating mix of sambac jasmine, cashmeran wood, and white amber. Unique amongst fragrances for women, Alien comes in a remarkable glass talisman of the deepest amethyst.

The Mugler collection continues with the powerful Alien Goddess, the dreamlike fragrance of Angel Nova, and the remarkable sensuality of Aura Mugler.

Celebrate yourself with Mugler’s perfume for women and embrace the benevolent, spiritual energy of femininity.

Mugler Eau de Toilette for Men

Bold, sophisticated, and individual, Mugler’s range of Eau de Toilette for men is an homage to the adventurous, courageous masculine spirit. There is no better representation of Mugler’s vision for male luxury perfume than the flagship scents Alien Man Eau de Toilette and A*Men.

Nothing comes close to the explosion of Mugler’s Alien Man Eau de Toilette. The scent of Alien Man vibrates with smoky wood, osmanthus, and the vigor of fresh dill. The minimalist style of the Alien Man bottle features clean architectural lines and deep tones of dark blue.

A*Men Eau de Toilette is defined by its dimensions of patchouli, Bourbon vanilla, and coffee. The striking A*Men bottle features a luminous blue star set into a rugged black rubber flask.
Express your inner strength and show off your distinct style with Mugler’s perfume for men.
For a unique gift for birthdays or special occasions, browse the Mugler luxury perfume gift sets and are available for both men and women. These gift boxes feature our signature Mugler scents, accompanied by body lotion, shower gel, and an easy-to-carry travel size perfume bottle.

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