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Can We Create A Fragrance Without Using Flowers?

Towards the end of the 19th century, perfume ingredients were gradually enriched with synthetic notes. These were intended to replace rare natural ingredients, to substitute synthetic perfume ingredients from increasingly protected animal species, or to invent new notes beyond the natural world.

These synthetic molecules were obtained from chemical reactions or isolates created from natural ingredients. The arrival of these new notes brought a renewed abstraction and creativity to fragrances and saw the rise of new classics in perfumery. However, these notes are often seen by the general public as being of a lower quality than the ones used in all natural perfumes. They are, perhaps, unaware that some synthetic notes are much more complicated and expensive to produce than some natural raw ones.

Embracing technological progress once again, MUGLER very quickly adopted the notion of skillfully combining natural ingredients and molecules extracted through science to create extraordinary fragrances. Doesn’t this fusion of opposites fit in with the futuristic vision of nature shaped by the hand of man borrowed from its creator? A way of creating “augmented” fragrances. Fragrances that are more original, more liberated, more daring. Our addictive fragrances therefore give synthetic notes pride of place, mixing artifice and naturalness with precision and harmony. A way of also innovating, without exhausting the Earth’s natural resources, and creating responsible luxury. So, there we have it: it is possible to create a perfume without using flowers and without it being stripped of poetry and quality. How? Here’s how we managed it with four cult MUGLER fragrances.
08 May 2021


MUGLER fragrancesAngel perfumes, Alien perfumes, Womanity or Aura MUGLER - are all polarizing, singular, born from a subtle science using quality natural perfume ingredients carefully sourced from sustainable sources and innovative molecules extracted using advanced technology. Created from overdoses, or polyblocks with a woody structure, MUGLER fragrances move away from the classic structure of top, heart, and base notes and towards modern perfumery, to completely redesign the skeleton of a perfume. A pointillist portrait, composed with very few ingredients, both natural and synthetic but, above all, based on evocations. So many sensations, memories, unique and universal moments of life spark the creation of MUGLER fragrances. This daring stance makes every MUGLER fragrance a new and unforgettable olfactive experience among women’s fragrances.


Angel, the first gourmand fragrance – and some would argue the first woody perfume for her - created a shock wave with its release in 1992. Behind its sweet scent and overdose of indulgence is a molecule extracted using cutting-edge technology and used for the first time in a non floral perfume: ethyl maltol. Olivier Cresp, Angel’s perfumer and creator, had the idea to divert this molecule, which up until then was used only in food, and to put it in his fragrance, creating this gourmand accord with facets of raspberry-praline, cotton candy, and irresistible caramel. It is this that characterizes the fragrance’s sugary-sweet addiction.



Molecular extraction is a process exclusively developed by the Mane fragrance house and for the first time in WOMANITY by MUGLER. This revolutionary process captures any perfume ingredient’s most volatile and complex molecules. It allows you to create the most accurate portrait of the raw material that you wish to synthesize. This is what helped capture the notes of figs and caviar within WOMANITY.



When the Alien perfume was first released, Cashmeran Wood and White Amber, the fragrance’s key ingredients, were real innovations in perfumery. They brought new nuances to the oriental fragrance family, and shed a new light on wood perfumes at the same time. Alien was the first feminine fragrance to use an overdose of cashmeran wood and white amber as perfume ingredients – a revolution. Even today, those rich and distinctive notes obtained through science lend their mystery to Alien perfume’s sensual trail.



Wolfwood Liana forms the backbone of the AURA MUGLER fragrance. So complex and faceted, it is a difficult note to tame, used in the fragrance as an overdose. Its richness triggers a real addiction. The note is obtained by extracting the root of the plant and transforming it into essential oil. Botanical research carried out by Firmenich, the fragrance house that helped create AURA MUGLER, led to the discovery on a trip to China of this variety of liana, which had until then been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat heart problems.

Aura Mugler

By using synthetic notes as breakthrough perfume ingredients, MUGLER has rewritten the rules of traditional perfumery by offering highly-addictive fragrances resulting from unique expertise. To prolong the notes of your favorite fragrance at any time, opt for a refill bottle, a new, environmentally-friendly step that you can perform at home to preserve your precious bottles. You can also rediscover your favorite MUGLER fragrances in travel size perfume editions to carry everywhere with you this summer with the MUGLER eaux-to-go and perfume pens.

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