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Since the launch of its gourmand fragrance Angel in 1992, the visionary creator Thierry MUGLER knew that the star bottle—designed with the help of the Brosse Master Glassmakers—was too precious to be replaced like many products with a linear life cycle. He deeply wished to offer his loyal clientele the possibility of keeping the bottle forever, and so, the MUGLER Fountain was born: an economical and ecological way to endlessly refill the bottle with your favorite MUGLER fragrance.

Now more than ever, eco-design and sustainable development are at the heart of MUGLER’S DNA, fostering the innovation, development and manufacture of our products. For MUGLER, a pioneer brand in this field, they represent more than just a simple commitment, but instead are an integral part of its tradition and expertise. On the occasion of Earth Day, MUGLER invites you to rediscover its actions and commitments that support responsible luxury.


At the forefront of creation, MUGLER has rewritten the rules and distribution channels of traditional perfumery by offering its customers the possibility of refilling their bottle over and over again. Since Angel was launched in 1992, customers have been able to refill their Angel, followed by Alien and AURA MUGLER, bottles as many times as they like in stores. The MUGLER Fountain was born. Reinvented in 2019, the new Fountain was developed entirely using an eco-design approach inspired by circular economy. Each part can be removed and thereby replaced, which puts the emphasis on durability, conservation, and reuse rather than manufacturing a whole new fountain. Somewhere in the world, a MUGLER bottle is refilled every 25 seconds.



Designed as timeless works of art, the MUGLER fragrance bottles are intended to last forever. To provide you with greater comfort and ease, and in line with its sustainable philosophy, MUGLER offers you the possibility to refill your bottle from the comfort of your own home thanks to the Refill Bottles that can be ordered online. The new eco-responsible refill method has many benefits. For example, with your Alien Eau de Parfum 100 ml refill bottle, you will have 10 ml more perfume while using 53% less glass, 67% less plastic, 9% less metal and 54% less cardboard. Opt for a refill bottle and extend the addictive scent of your favorite fragrances, Angel Eau de Parfum, Angel Nova Eau de Parfum, Alien Eau de Parfum, Aura MUGLER Eau de Parfum and Alien Man Eau de Toilette.*

*Availability according to eligible fragrances.

Refill Bottles


Working closely with the fragrance houses, MUGLER travels the world in search of high-quality ingredients sourced through responsible sectors. MUGLER fragrances are addictive fragrances made from meticulously selected and responsibly sourced ingredients. Alien Eau de Parfum's Sambac jasmine, Angel Eau de parfum and Eau de Toilette's Patchouli, Aura MUGLER’s bourbon vanilla, Alien Man’s Osmanthus flower or Angel Nova's Damask rose petals... all high-quality ingredients that testify to MUGLER’s commitment to a new era that cares about nature, resources and local communities. To preserve our planet's resources, MUGLER uses technology to create synthetic perfume notes, which combined with natural ingredients create the perfect alchemy that makes MUGLER fragrances so addictive.

Choosing a perfume should be able to be combined with your desire to consume better. Echoing this day which celebrates the planet and reminds us of the importance of preserving its resources, MUGLER intends to defend its vision of responsible luxury, one that is respectful of nature and mankind, in harmony with its DNA and its heritage. A luxury that celebrates without damaging, that invents instead of exploiting. You too can become an actor of this positive change by helping us produce less and better. Join the MUGLER “Refillers” community by opting for the new responsible refill method that allows you to keep your precious bottle while also helping the planet.

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