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Angel Iced Star

This year, Angel returns in a new Eau de Toilette, Angel Iced Star... A fresh breeze blows over the Angel galaxy, perfect to keep cool on this summer season.
Angel is an unforgettable fragrance. The first gourmand perfume in history, it has been shining bright in the sky of the women’s most desirables and daring fragrances for 20 years now. Born from the crazy dream of visionary creator, Thierry Mugler, this instantly addictive fragrance is composed of an overdose of patchouli and the perfumery’s first ever praline accord. For boundless dreams and limitless inspiration, to be worn as an accessory or as your very own armor, Angel continues to evolve, changing with the times and revealing its numerous and infinite facets. This year, Angel returns in a new Eau de Toilette, Angel Iced Star, with coconut and fruity notes.

Angel Iced Star


Angel Iced Star Eau de Toilette an olfactory shock between voluptuous Angel and polar freshness. A startling contrast between hot and cold, between her and elsewhere. The fragrance transports us to a polar world beyond, to an endless sea of lunar landscapes and frozen plains. A place where all is peaceful and beautiful... Its bottle is printed with a sensual gradient, like an invitation to embark on a journey.

Alien Eau de Parfum


On one hand, a heavenly facet composed of fresh and exotic notes of coconut water and juicy pineapple. The sensual and sweet taste of freshness, making it the perfect summer fragrance.
On the other, an encounter between notes of gourmand praline and intense patchouli that lends its woody and original mystery to the Eau de Toilette. It was a gourmand perfume, it was a patchouli perfume, now it’s also a fresh perfume, with this calm and voluptuous scent revealed in this new Fruity Oriental olfactory interpretation. Angel Iced Star will seduce lovers of legendary fragrances along with those new to this magical universe.


MUGLER welcomes a daring fragrance to the perfumery. Whether it be men perfumes, women perfumes or a unisex fragrances, our goal is to create sensual, avant-garde olfactory creations with highly addictive powers that enchant the everyday as much as they invite everyone to reinvent themselves. We defy the laws of space and time to create the extraordinary by blending alchemy, harmony and overdose. Through the co-creation of perfumery excellence established together with artisans passionate about their work, MUGLER has achieved responsible luxury. And to make your favorite MUGLER perfume last longer in the summer, here are a few tips to put on your perfume the right way:
- After your spray your perfume, wait for the scent to dry on your skin before putting on your clothes or it will rub off your fragrance
- Don’t rub your wrists together.
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