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Amber perfume: Angel, the gourmand note

Thirty years ago, as Monsieur Mugler started to imagine his first ever scent, he boldly imagined a perfume that would change the world. Little did he know he was about to do so by inventing a new olfactory family. By distilling a sweet scent and gustatory note in the Angel Eau de Parfum accord, Monsieur Mugler and Olivier Cresp - the perfumer - wanted "there to be such a sensual contact with Angel that you almost feel like devouring the person you love". A new “gourmands’ olfactory family was born.
03 ott 2022

Amber perfume: Monsieur Mugler, a man of vision

In 1992, Manfred Thierry Mugler brought a crazy dream to life: create an extraordinary olfactory signature. One that would give women who wear it a fascinating and unique new vibration. One that would enrich a woman’s personality, give her confidence and playfulness, encourage her to embrace pleasure, and her very own duality. Just what Angel Eau de Parfum did, and still does.

A precursor for the last 30 years with its unique praline core, celestial blue juice and addictive notes, Angel is forever a deeply contemporary fragrance. Balancing decadence and pleasure, innocence and sensuality, it carries a paradoxical, complex and versatile vision of femininity.
In 2022, it is now more relevant than ever.

Gourmand perfume: developing the Angel Eau de Parfum

Elaborating this unique and captivating gourmand scent took patience and creativity:

On the one-hundred-fortieth trial, I was completely blocked by my overdosed vanilla-patchouli accord: powerful, unique, interesting, but not feminine at all. At the same time, all flowers seemed to make it dull and remove its purely Ambery character, which we really wanted to keep.

It was only when we met in person with Monsieur Mugler that it all became clear. He spoke to us about his passion for chocolate and the decadent flavours of his childhood...

Olivier Cresp
The perfumer

Indeed, this Mugler fragrance finds its inspiration in the designer’s childhood memories and the taste of candy-apples and candy floss indulged in the funfairs of Strasbourg.

The meeting and stories told between the perfumer and Monsieur Mugler was the light bulb moment. As Yves de Chiris, Marketing Director of Quest International puts it: “As a perfumer, the ear is sometimes more important than the nose...". After 494 mouth-watering trials later, a resolutely different fragrance was created. And a new olfactory path opened. Olivier Cresp describes the process as “an incredible olfactory adventure! »


Angel isn’t only a modern fragrance, it’s timeless, a classic, iconic. When Angel was released in 1992, young women instantly connected with it. It’s a fragrance you can’t turn back from. Our customers have remained very loyal to it, they share it with their friends, who in turn share it with theirs. The formula has remained straightforward, simple, even minimal. It only contains about 20 ingredients, including delicious notes of kiwi, blackcurrant, which contrast with the patchouli. It’s spectacular!

Olivier Cresp
The perfumer

Angel perfume: patchouli, the star ingredient

Angel Eau de Parfum has its over-the-top scent brought by the patchouli scent. The star ingredient is overdosed and married to vanilla for perfect harmony. Here, the ultra-feminine character of one ingredient blends with the tenderness of another. And the dissonance of a vanilla-patchouli accord - considered totally "out of fashion” in 1992 - became considered unselfconsciously innovative.
It is now one of the most renowned perfumes in the world and considered as the creator’s olfactory signature.

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