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30 years of Angel: How the iconic perfume became a major range

Launched in 1992, Angel Eau de Parfum was a revolution in the world of perfumes for women. Its unique gourmand scent propelled it directly into the iconic fragrances’ world. In 2022, the star bottle perfume is now celebrating thirty years of metamorphosis and numerous variations. From the eponymous Eau de Toilette to the “Angel, Les Parfums Corps”, Angel has constantly reinvented itself and transformed into a whole universe and a major range.
15 ott 2022

Angel perfume: an iconic trail

At the time it came out, Angel was avant-garde designed for everyone. This first ever gourmand perfume, with its Ambery fragrance trail mixed to praline disrupted all conventions set in perfumery. While unisex fragrances and floral bouquets were everywhere, Monsieur Mugler revolutionized the perfume world with a trail of olfactory abundance, a bottle in the shape of a star and a blue-tinted elixir. Angel Eau de Parfum’s power results from the association of ingredient overdoses, especially the patchouli scent. The worldwide success of this gourmand trail led to the brand creating a complementary line in order to invent a unique perfume ritual.

Angel by Mugler: the complementary line

Named “Angel, Les Parfums Corps”, the range is destined to adorn yourself with Angel, from dusk till dawn. These 9 ancillaries are all objects of desire: Perfuming Shower Gel, Perfuming Body Exfoliant, Perfuming Body Cream, Perfuming Body Lotion, Perfuming Body Oil, Perfuming Hair Mist, Perfuming Roll-on Deodorant, Perfuming Deodorant Spray, Perfuming Hand Cream. Now, Angel lovers can create their own beauty rituals.

Thanks to the IDS system (Intense Diffusion System), an exclusive technology encapsulated within the texture, the slightest friction of clothing on the skin or variation in temperature allows Angel’s diffusion to be amplified. A unique technology for a unique “intelligent” fragrance. Whatever the time of night or day, Angel faithfully exalts its sweet fragrance, as if it had just been applied. The promise of divine textures and transcendent sensations, whenever worn.

Angel fragrance: facets of Angel

Created to fascinate furthermore, similar yet distinct, Mugler’s Angel continues to surprise and captivate while generating a different obsession. In 2011, Angel welcomed its Angel Eau de Toilette version: a sweet perfume and aerial version of the legendary fragrance. In 2014, a fragrance named Angel Eau Sucrée came along. A name perfectly chosen for this red fruit sorbet, caramelized meringue, patchouli and vanilla scent. 2016 witnessed the arrival of Angel Muse, the first vetiver perfume, reappropriating an emblematic ingredient of masculine perfumery. Pushing the boundaries of the brand once more. Only a year later, Angel Muse Eau de Toilette was launched, with its gourmand freshness and woody scent. Angel welcomed another perfume in its olfactory family in 2016: Angel Etoile des Rêves. A voluptuous night, it benefits from a more tender and regressive gourmand trail thanks to a veil of white musk.

Throughout the years, the range derived from Mugler’s Angel has continued to surprise and delight. This radiant constellation of cult bottle allows Mugler lovers to enhance different facets of their personality.

Angel perfume refill: bottles are forever

Inspired by the 18th-century tradition of fragrance fountains and initially called the Source, the Fountain was born in 1992. Since then, the Fountain has been regularly reinvented as part of an eco-design strategy to heighten innovation and accountability in luxury. Today, more than 12,000 Mugler Fountains are available in perfumeries all around the world, offering women a positive and unique experience. The sustainable innovation stemmed from an uncompromising vision of luxury.

The truly disruptive invention, conceived decades ahead of its time, affords MUGLER lovers the luxury of refilling their cherished bottle, and spending less for their signature scent. But also, of indulging in an in-store ritual that turns an eco-responsible action into a moment of pleasure. And for MUGLER lovers who don’t have the time or opportunity to replenish their fragrance in-store, the brand offers refill bottles for every Mugler eau de parfum

Make your Mugler bottle last forever

By reinventing the perfume fountain, MUGLER has invented perfume that lasts forever. He has made the dream of an eternal scent come true and shown that a range can be major while still being at the height of Meaningful luxury

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